San Diego Philly Twitter

CODE: GitHub
DATATYPE: images
SOURCE: Twitter
PLACE: San Diego, Philadelphia
YEARS: 2013
SIZE: 1,000 each
VIZTYPE: histogram multi
FEATURES: time, brightness, hue
FEAT SRC: metadata, scikit-image
BINS: 168 each
PROJECT: Socioeconomics and Tweeted Images

These are two image histograms, side by side for comparison. Both are 1,000 images sampled over a year, binned by time (one bin for each hour in a week). Each "cone" is thus a day of the week. The histograms are also sorted vertically by brightness and hue. On the left is San Diego, on the right Philadelphia. This plot revealed to us that Philly has an unusual amount of bright cartoon images. An interesting observation we could not have made without direct visualization; with it, the observation is trivially easy.