Astrophotography ISO

CODE: GitHub
DATATYPE: images
SOURCE: Yahoo Flickr Creative Commons 100M Dataset
YEARS: 1994-2014
SIZE: 5,050
SUBSET: "astrophotography"
VIZTYPE: one-on-two
FEAT SRC: yfcc100m EXIF data
GRIDDING: nearest open
PROJECT: astrodata

This is a "one-on-two" direct visualization of astrophotography images found in the Yahoo Flickr Creative Commons 100M Dataset. This visualization type maps a single variable onto two spatial axes, so that values for that variable correspond with closeness to a central point. If the variable is ranked, this produces a tight circular cluster (and would be a sphere in a "one-on-three" visualization). Note that a ranked visualization is only informative if the plot elements have non-relational properties, as they do here, since the plot elements are images. Consider, alternatively, simple scatter points arranged in this fashion — they would carry no information other than giving the size of the dataset. Here, the images with highest ISO are in the center, and those with the lowest ISO are in the perimeter. We learn that a certain photographic subject — the Milky Way — predominates in the center.