San Diego Discretionary Permits

CODE: GitHub
DATATYPE: development permits
SOURCE: Development Services Department
PLACE: San Diego
YEARS: 2004-2014
SIZE: 4,774
SUBSET: "Discretionary"
VIZTYPE: mapmaker
FEATURES: spacetime
FEAT SRC: San Diego Regional Data Library
PROJECT: San Diego Development
MORE INFO: Voice of San Diego

This is a "mapmaker" visualization of discretionary permit data from Development Services in San Diego. The data are 4,774 geolocated discretionary permits — those permits that require special approval — across 10 years. The visualization uses p5.js to build a map chronologically one permit at a time. The points representing the earliest permits are very red and get closer to blue over time so that the resulting map codes for time (red > orange > yellow > green > blue). The result is an "experienced" portrait of permit issue in San Diego over the last decade.