London Twitter II

CODE: GitHub
DATATYPE: image slices
SOURCE: Twitter
YEARS: 2012
SIZE: 25,309
SUBSET: London
VIZTYPE: flat polar histogram
FEATURES: huepeak, saturation
FEAT SRC: scipy, scikit-image
PROJECT: Visual Earth

This is a flat polar histogram of slices of images posted to Twitter in London in 2012. Only bright, saturated slices are included, in order to show hue as clearly as possible. Slices are sorted by “huepeak”—i.e., the highest peak of a kernel-smoothed hue histogram—on the angular axis and by saturation on the radial axis. The angular axis is not in fact a genuine axis, because bins are equal-frequency and not equal-width. This means that if a certain hue predominates, like the red/orange hues do here, they will occupy more than their fair share of the plot.