San Diego Satellite

CODE: GitHub
DATATYPE: images
SOURCE: DigitalGlobe
PLACE: downtown San Diego
YEARS: 2015
SIZE: 1 million slices
VIZTYPE: slice histogram
FEATURES: hue, saturation
FEAT SRC: scikit-image
BINS: 1440
MORE INFO: Software Studies Blog
GALLERIES: ZKM Karlsruhe SAP Germany

This is a slice histogram produced by slicing a single satellite image tile (covering downtown San Diego) into ~1 million slices and arranging them by hue (x-axis) and saturation (vertical sorting). Especially during comparison with other image data, these plots give a clear, direct accounting of the color properties of the data. And because the visualization is composed of slices of actual images, it still retains some of the object content contained in those images. This is an advantage over other sorts of color plotting.