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Twitter Atlas IN PROGRESS

We are analyzing tweets and tweeted images from 81 global cities in the years 2011-2014.

COLLABORATORS: Lev Manovich Agustin Indaco


Flickr Astrophotography IN PROGRESS

We are currently analyzing over 5,000 astrophotography images posted to Flickr. We've looked at image content, basic visual features, geospatial information, and EXIF data.



St. Petersburg Instagram

We analyzed a dataset of 50,000 images posted to Instagram from St. Petersburg, Russia. We used the Google Vision API to generate content tags for each image, and we used both visual and quantitative methods to analyze these tags in relation to their spatial distribution within the city.

COLLABORATORS: Lev Manovich Damiano Cerrone


Global Photo Cultures

We analyzed a total of 100,000 images posted to Instagram from 5 global cities: Berlin, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, and Bangkok. Visual features include both scene contents and style properties. Using a variety of visual and quantitative methods, we identify and compare photo “cultures”.

COLLABORATORS: Lev Manovich Miriam Redi


Socioeconomic Indicators and Tweeted Images

We extracted visual features including diurnal changes in hue and presence of faces in 14 million images posted to Twitter from 60 U.S. cities. We then modeled several socioeconomic variables—e.g., education and home price—using these features.

COLLABORATORS: Lev Manovich Mehrdad Yazdani


Visual Environments of San Diego

I analyzed four different sources of image data from San Diego: satellite, Google Streetview, Twitter, and Flickr. I developed several techniques for visualizing this data, techinques which I discuss in a paper for the International Journal for Digital Art History, linked below.


San Diego Development

In 2014, The Development Services Department of San Diego released 11 years of development permit data. As a contract data analyst for Civic Knowledge Inc., I worked with Andy Keatts at the Voice of San Diego newspaper to produce stories about land use in San Diego. The work resulted in 8 published stories and was nominated for a national data journalism award.

COLLABORATORS: Andy Keatts Eric Busboom